Book Review | The Convoluted Universe Book One By Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon was well ahead of her time and a phenomenal person while she was physically alive. Her curiosity is only one of the things that catapuluted her into life’s work, as well as thinking outside the box and being receptive to things that were quite literally out of this world. She made it her life’s work to get to the bottom of the truth and pass the information on to the next generation of humanity that will need it. Dolores’s books are a guide to spark something inside of you to think outside the box and challenge everything we thought we knew. 

The Convoluted Universe is a series of 3 books that reveal answers I’ve been looking for all my life. Most of the mysteries of the world are mentioned in this book and Dolores communicates with spiritual beings that give answers that we have all been looking for. None of the answers can be backed up with hard evidence or facts however when I was reading through the pages, there was a feeling I felt inside that confirmed what I reading was the truth. It truly is an indescribable feeling.  

In this review, I will briefly write about the information and mysteries that stood out to me. Information that resonated with me on my current journey. This review will be my personal opinions/reflections that I hope will spark something in you to seek out the answers and truths of the mysterious world and universe we occupy for the time being. 

The Galatic Federation 

    I felt compelled to start with the Galatic Federation because this is a phrase I’ve been seeing around the internet. The Galatic Federation is a representative council that controls what species can or cannot come to visit Earth. Any being of any sort will have to gain permission and state their order of business before coming. The council believes Earth already has a “lifetime of negativity” that needs to be worked out so they can’t allow beings that could possibly bring more. The book also mentions they are located somewhere on a highly evolved dimension and no one knows exactly where that is. I would like to think they are the overseer of everything in the universe and are the closest thing to the Source. 

Earth Was a Vacation Planet

    This was very interesting to read. The original intention of Earth was to be a vacation planet for spirits/souls to come to appreciate the beauty of the planet. Earth’s atmosphere and beauty are very unique in the cosmos. To be able to come here and experience it would be like a reward. However, from the earliest days of life, greed, power, and control started to trickle into humanity. In our current day now we are slowly destroying the true beauty of Earth and everything she entails. 

The People Of Atlantis

    The Atlantis civilization has been mentioned in all of the books that I’ve read of Dolores. It seems like people are most curious to learn about this civilization and after learning about them I can understand why. The Atlanteans were a highly developed civilization that reached the levels of evolution they were supposed to reach. They were highly evolved spiritual beings that lived on Earth but that power they evolved to slowly started to be misused so they ultimately had to be destroyed. The beings that were speaking to Dolores said they started to misuse the life force and that was the ultimate cause for their destruction. 

Crops That Came From Extraterrestrials

    This was a very interesting and unexpected information that I learned. Apparently, not all crops that we know and use today are of Earth Origin. Dolores posed the question of what crops were not originated from Earth. Sugar cane, potato, and cotton are hybrid plants. The extraterrestrials took an existing plant and transformed it into what we enjoy today. They were no further details on this but I am curious to know what was brought from another planet or created to fuse with what we already have on Earth. 

Sasquatch, Yeti, & the Abominable Snowman

    We’ve all heard of these creatures and Dolores asked the question that I never knew was need to be asked. She simply asked what they are and whether are they in fact real. The answer that was given was shocking. These are not animalistic creatures, they are highly evolved and advanced beings. They are more evolved than us. They communicate telepathically and are very in tune with nature. It was sad to read this next part but they are afraid of humans and try their best to stay away. (rightfully so) This was very intriguing to read and I instantly had respect for these beings and I would hope one day that we could PEACEFULLY encounter them. My curiosity was definitely piqued. 

The Golden Rule of the Universe

    There’s a Golden Rule of the Universe and it is quite simple. Treat others how you would want to be treated. This rule can be found in the 7 basic religions of the world, Brahmanism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This piece of information really resonated with me because I’ve been saying this since the beginning of my early 20s. And after saying this I would be labeled as naive, innocent, and any other label you can think of. That never deterred me from living by that rule and if we all lived by that rule the world would not be what it is today. 

Preselected Agendas Before Birth

    Now this is something that we have consistently been told over the years. And I personally believe it to be true. The beings reinforce what we already know before we are born our souls/spirits have curated an agenda that includes a timetable for our spiritual awakening. They go on to say that there will be a certain event, meeting of a person, or calamity event that will trigger the spiritual awakening. This makes me think when we go through a major life event that we deem as negative but instead, it’s an event that leads to a greater and more fulfilling life. 

    The Convoluted Universe Book One has so many more gems in this book that if I included it in this post it would probably be a dissertation. These topics don’t even scratch the surface of all the information I learned in this book. And there are four more books in this series, it’s safe to see I will be reading all of them. I’m on a mission to find out and learn more about the truth of our wolds and other worlds as well as dimensions. I’ve always believed there has to be more to life than what we are currently presented with and I’m slowly walking down the path getting to the bottom of the truth. 

    Overall, I give this book 5 stars and would highly recommend anyone that is on a spiritual journey to dive into the unknowns of this book, you may find what you are looking for.

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