Beyonce Renaissance Tour | Washington D.C. Show #2


I had the honor to witness the most outstanding performer on Earth (and Beyond) perform at the FedEx Field Stadium near Washington, D.C. We booked these tickets right when tickets went on sale and I have no regrets now that the experience is over. I was nervous about attending Beyonce's concert because her album was not one of my favorites. The album was artistically well put together but not my genre of music. Even with not loving the album I still wanted to attend. 

The Renaissance Tour has a balance of new and old songs. The visuals were the best I've ever seen, you can tell she is a true Virgo meaning everything was perfect. The choreography was nothing short of amazing and I enjoyed watching even if she was backstage preparing for the next set. Her dancers are super talented and on point with everything single step. Even though the show was delayed due to pouring rain and lightning it WAS WELL WORTH IT AND I WOULD DO IT AGAIN.

Due to the late start, Beyonce paid $100,000 to the metro transit to stay open an extra hour to ensure her fans had a way home. A true queen. Traffic was still insane to get out but, again, it was well worth it. If you are able to please make it to one of her shows before the tour is over, you will not be disappointed!! 

I was able to record the show so if you would like to get the virtual experience please check out my youtube video!


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