Introducing: The Cosmic Manual

*Disclaimer*  This could be a controversial project however in the spirit of high vibrations and positivity we are going to hope for the best possible outcome and positive reception. 

                        The Cosmic Manual

                                                Photo by Vincentiu Solomon on Unsplash

By now everyone on this planet knows what the Bible, Quran, and other holy books are and the different variations in each religion. All of these books have existed since the beginning of the concept of religion, and information has been added and passed down to the next generation to guide the new souls who are starting their new journey. 

Each book has its own set of meanings, values, stories, and guidelines documented by what we now refer to as our ancestors. There is also controversy surrounding each book when it comes to verifying the truth of the content. There are vast and intricate stories that there is no way to prove in our current time if they actually happened the way it was written. How do we know that someone with nefarious intent didn't get a hold of these sacred books and record their version of the story?

Here at The Cosmic Radar, we want to curate a book that could guide a child on how to navigate their life journey on Earth. We want to introduce a book that anyone can read and understand. Simple language, simple terms, positive messages, and most importantly hope. We won't go down the route of recording events because we already have new-age technology a.k.a the internet. 

Instead, it will be a manual that you can give to a child to help them on their new journey as a human. A book that they can take with them as they grow older, reach new milestones, and look back on in their older years. 

The Cosmic Manual is not to replace any sacred book that is already established in the many different religions but instead, it could be a simple guide for you before you make the decision and commitment to the religion of your choice.  It can also be a book for you if you choose not to commit to any one religion. The Cosmic Manual can be whatever you need it to be. We respect all religions, all Bibles, and most importantly the humans who decide religion is the route they want to go. 

Since The Cosmic Manual is a new project we will be slowly releasing the chapters on our website first, Youtube second, and snippets on social media platforms last. When we curate enough information we will offer a hard copy available on Amazon. 

Thank you for reading and we hope you receive The Cosmic Manual with an open mind, positivity, and love. 

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