The Rebirth Of The Cosmic Radar

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 I've been thinking about writing this blog post for months now. Every day I wake up I fantasize about what I want The Cosmic Radar to be. I think of the potential it has if I pour everything into it and STAY CONSISTENT. The joy consumes me when I can vividly see the outcome. But for some odd reason, I get stuck there. Stuck in the imagination of what could be. 

When I become aware that I've been trapped in the daydreaming phase, all the negative thoughts, doubt, and anything else you can imagine pour in. I convince myself that I need XYZ to get started, and since I don't have those items, I can't start. Just another excuse to prolong the journey.

Reviewing the old content I've posted, fills me with embarrassment and a bit of cringe. And that's due to starting without a proper plan or a guideline of what content would look like. However, instead of cringing at the work I started, I should have been giving myself a pat on the back for at least starting. Progress doesn't happen overnight and sometimes it is hard to take that first step. 

 What's Next?

Consistency- this is what is next for The Cosmic Radar. Starting something is always great but how great is it without follow-through? Instant gratification has plagued us for a while (especially me) and now it's time to snap of it. What's the fun in life if everything comes easy?

Type Of Content

 Since I was a kid/teenager I've always been fascinated with the unknown, paranormal, hauntings, aliens, etc. Truly, anything that was not of the ordinary. I never was able to really dive into these topics due to the fear of what people would think. Navigating puberty, figuring out myself, and juggling school already had my plate full. The interests that truly lit my soul on fire and ignited my curiosity could not compete. There is more to the world than what we've been told or taught, and The Cosmic Radar will be a platform to showcase all of the findings good, bad, and ugly. We will be in a specific niche but not completely boxed in. 

With being obsessed with anything out of the ordinary, and being a ferocious reader, The genres of science fiction, action, mystery, thriller, etc. books have always been my favorite because they allow my imagination to run wild and visually create the story which made reading so much better. Books were my escape to different worlds. So naturally, you can expect exclusive books and short stories all written and curated by me (unless noted otherwise). And of course book reviews of other talented authors on the same mission. 

Not to sound cheesy, but only love, positivity and good vibes will be showcased. The internet is a huge place and there's already plenty of darkness, we are only here to spread love and light. With that being said, we will be posting news but only the facts, real-world events, and nothing close to fear-mongering. Our goal is to ignite the curiosity in you, not fear

As we grow, we may add or remove the different types of content we post, but we would like to keep things simple. Here at The Cosmic Radar, we embrace creativity and want to showcase the different forms and variety of creative content that are birthed by talented artists. 

Final Words

If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read this post, and we hope you continue to return to find what you're looking for. Please follow us on all social media to stay updated on the latest findings that challenge everything we know or think we know.

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